Pilates Resistance Ring or Magic Circle: How It Benefits The Body

Pilates ring or magic circle

Like any good exercise workout program, there is a resistance component built into the Pilates exercise regimen. There are two methods of providing this resistance needed that are associated with the Pilates.

  • The first format of resistance is gained by using the body's weight.
  • The second type of resistance is all through exercise equipment. One such piece of equipment is the Pilates¬†resistance ring or magic circle or Windsor ring.

With today's society becoming more and more body-conscious, people are scrambling for gym memberships and seeking to sign up for various workout regimens. However, there are some people who wish to exercise in the privacy of their own home, and don't want to have to buy expensive gear. An excellent and simple way to reduce stress and tone muscles at the same time is to attain a Pilates ring.

Description Of The Pilates Resistance Ring

Those who are familiar with the dogged perseverance bands that resemble jump ropes will note that the magic circle is along the same idea. The ring itself is in the shape of a large zero - is a stretchable rubber circle that is on average about 14 inches in diameter. It can, however, come in slightly smaller or larger diameters, depending on what muscles are to be strengthened.

magic circle exersice

There are a variety of materials that can be used to manufacture the ring. Basically, however, the exterior of the magic circle is made from flexible plastic.


Within the circular plastic tubing is flexible sprung steel. This flexible steel provides enough tension so that the user will benefit from the light resistance that it provides. In addition the magic circle is generally constructed with handles that provide easy grasp of the ring when conducting the exercises.

How It Is Used

The Pilates ring is designed to be easily used. This allows for the participant to be seated, standing or reclining. Because of the ease of use, the individual can use this resistance piece of equipment when lying on their back, stomach or on either side of the body. The resistance is provided by exerting pressure on the outside of the ring inward or on the inside of the ring outward.

This exercise tool was designed to sculpt core muscles. Core muscles include the abdominal muscles, the pelvic muscles, and the buttocks muscles. The key to sculpting these core muscles is in tightening them all through endurance stretching, and the magic circle is a safe way to accomplish that.

Another added bonus is that it can tone not just the core muscles but other difficult-to-tone muscles in the legs. An example of an exercise in which leg muscles are tightened is when one lies down on a mat and puts the ring around their ankles and, lifts their legs up and down gradually in order to feel the resistance.

Effects On The Body

There are many positive effects that will be experienced by the body when using the ring. Those particular benefits include the toning of the body's muscles such as found in the upper arms, muscles of the thighs and chest muscles.

magic circle workoutIn addition, in keeping with the philosophy of Pilates, a connection will be made to other parts of the body. Those connections include the connectivity with the mind and the nervous system.

Various parts of the body can benefit from the Pilates ring. For example, if placed between the legs, the legs can be pushed together. This resistance can benefit the leg muscles as well as the muscles of the abdomen. Or, by grasping both handles, the magic circle can be push inward. This resistance will strengthen the muscles of the chest.

You can watch a typical magic circle workout in the following video:

Magic Circle Benefits

  • low maximum resistance edge which means is less likely to result in injury
  • workout can easily be done at home
  • as with any form of resistance training helps to build and tone muscles
  • it allows you to target multiple body areas
  • adds to upper body stability and improves your balance
  • easy to store, so you can take it with you on your travels
  • a wide variety of Pilates ring exercises can be found online

A Little Bit of Pilates History

A Pilates exercise plan is a routine that had its beginnings with a Universe War I nurse in England. German born Joseph Pilates was a sickly child that suffered from asthma which prevented him from being active during his childhood. Eventually he regained his strength and was able to participate in sports and become very robust in his health.

Pilates is an exercise plan that was developed for returning soldiers who were physically immobilized since of injuries suffered during the war. Joseph H. Pilates developed this exercise program drawing from yoga and martial arts.

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