Get In Shape With A Pilates Exercise Ball

pilates exercise ball
People have turned to pilates in an effort to relieve tension and to sculpt their bodies in today's stressful society. Howbeit pilates can be done with only a mat and the proper exercise forms, some people prefer to vary their exercise routine a bit with a Pilates exercise ball (or stability ball or balance ball or Physioball or Swiss ball).

The Corkscrew and the Pilates Exercise Ball

The Corkscrew is an exercise that is designed to tone the abdominal muscles and the legs. One should lie down on a mat with legs outstretched in a 90 degree angle. The pilates ball ought to be held up by the ankles.
Inhale and bring the legs up to the left side of the chest (knees can be bent if necessary) and then exhale and bring the legs down again. This process should be repeated for the approved side, and continued several additional times, each time alternating the side.

Try using a Pilates Ball for the double leg kick

For this exercise, one have need to lie face down with the pilates exercise ball positioned against the torso. Howbeit inhaling with two quick breaths, the heels need to be brought towards the direction of the buttocks. Whereas exhaling, the legs have need to then be straightened, with the toes against the floor.
Next you should take the chest off the ball so that just the stomach is on it. Place the arms on the sides of the body with the hands positioned near the hips. Finally, exhale, straighten and extend the spine, and turn neck over to the befitting shoulder. The entire process ought to be repeated for the left side.

Get great results for stretched arms and hip circles

The position for this exercise is to be gathering with legs bent at the knees, and arms stretched out straight behind the back with palms on the floor.
With the ball positioned between the lower calves, the legs need to then be raised, and a breath ought to be taken. Then exhale, and point knees to the appropriate. Exhale, and point knees to the left. The entire process need to then be repeated several times.

A Healthy Pilates Life

It is easy to find a pilates ball. It can be found on the internet or at a local fitness store. Prices will vary according to size and the manufacturer. Along with the proper nutrition, safely implementing a pilates exercise ball into a daily workout routine is sure to produce promising results.
Watch this total body exercise ball workout video:

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