Feng Shui Bed Placement Rules, Tips and Solutions

Feng Shui Bed Placement

The bedroom is a place to rejuvenate ourselves after a long, hard day. It is a private sanctuary, a place to indulge in a little rest and relaxation. So saying, it is not surprising that many homeowners place the furniture in their bedrooms to please the eye as much as possible.

Many of them, however, overlook inauspicious Feng Shui red flags when arranging their furniture, putting more emphasis on decor instead of practicality. One of the most daunting of these red flags is to avoid placing the bed in line with a door.

Homeowners may want to follow Feng Shui practices and avoid doing this. The structure of their bedrooms, however, sometimes gives them no choice but to do so. The wonderful news is that there are ways to avoid this frustrating predicament.


Why you must not have your bed facing a door

Before discussing them, however, we have to understand why we should avoid placing our beds in line with bedroom or bathroom doors. Feng Shui practitioners explain that doors serve as connectors between life and the afterlife. Placing a bed in front of a door puts one in a “death” or “coffin” position. The dead are usually carried out of rooms feet first.

Further, a door has a lot of “pulling” energy. Sleeping in front of a door means that your energy will be constantly pulled towards the afterlife at night, making you progressively weaker.

Energy near doors is usually active and flowing. Having the bed facing or too close to a door causes insomnia. Besides making sleep uncomfortable, sleeping on a bed that faces a door may lead to problems with health and relationships.

How do I decide if my bed is in line with a door?

Another point to discuss before examining bed-facing-door remedies is to decide if your bed aligns with the door in the first place. To do so, lie on the bed. If your feet are pointing directly at any door, whether it is the door to the bedroom, bathroom or cupboard, you need to change the bed’s position.


4 Bed-Facing-Door Solutions

An obvious question is how to do this when it is impossible, owing to the constraints of the room’s structure. Here are some practical remedies for this little headache.

#1. Have a solid, high headboards and footboards

The first one to get around the obstacle is to buy a bed with a high footboard or legs. This elevates you above any bad “chi”. It also blocks the negative energy that flows into the room from the door. Place it such that the bed has enough space for air to circulate around it.

A high headboard is an effective barrier to any negative “chi” that flows into the bedroom as well. Make sure that it is made of solid, protective material.

#2. Control the flow of energy around the room

Another solution for this knotty problem is to control the energy that flows in and out of the room. You may have to sleep facing the door, but you can still create a positive flow of energy around you while doing so.

Rooms act as energy containers. If your bedroom has an attached bathroom, keep both the bedroom and bathroom doors shut at night. This captures positive, harmonious energy and allows it to flow around you.

Keep them open during the day to allow outflow of any negative energy. The fresh air and sunlight you allow into the room also revitalises it and creates a better flow of “qi”(energy). Note that having one door open and the other shut means that you will only finish half of what you start.

#3. Hang a mirror on the inside of the door facing the bathroom

If you must align your bed with the door to your attached bathroom, hang a mirror on a closet door that faces it. This reflects any negative energy back into the bathroom.

Make sure that you cover the mirror as it also serves as a portal for negative energy. You only want to harness its reflective properties.

#4. Place a barrier between the bed and the door

Lastly, if your bed faces the door, put a barrier between the door and the bed. Use an upholstered bench or a small shelving unit. Alternatively, use a screen divider. This blocks the inflow of negative energy.

All is not lost if your bed must face a door. You can still put measures in place to ward off unwanted vibes and prevent ill-fortune.

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