Exercising Pilates At Home: Does It Work?

pilates at home

Whether any fitness routine or regimen will work well if done at home is one question that does not apply to pilates. This is because pilates is nothing more than a set of movements designed to give a total workout to our body as well as the mind. The muscles, tendons, bones and ligaments get Read More »

How Often Can You Do Pilates? How Much Is Enough?

How Often Can You Do Pilates? How Much Is Enough?

Pilates is well known all over the world for being a moderate strength training program that will help you improve fitness and boost muscle strength without performing mindless routine exercises. Strength training is rarely done on a daily basis. At least, the traditional mode involving weight lifting is carried out with frequent breaks in between. Read More »

What You Should Know About Pilates Clothing

pilates clothing

There was a time when people wore normal clothing and performed various fitness exercises. However, people soon realized that most clothes that we wore on a daily basis was not suitable for exercising. The stretches and lunges that are usually performed in any and every fitness routine led to injuries to the body or damage Read More »

Get In Shape With A Pilates Exercise Ball

pilates exercise ball

People have turned to pilates in an effort to relieve tension and to sculpt their bodies in today's stressful society. Howbeit pilates can be done with only a mat and the proper exercise forms, some people prefer to vary their exercise routine a bit with a Pilates exercise ball (or stability ball or balance ball Read More »