What You Should Know About Pilates Clothing

pilates clothing

There was a time when people wore normal clothing and performed various fitness exercises. However, people soon realized that most clothes that we wore on a daily basis was not suitable for exercising. The stretches and lunges that are usually performed in any and every fitness routine led to injuries to the body or damage Read More »

Get In Shape With A Pilates Exercise Ball

pilates exercise ball

People have turned to pilates in an effort to relieve tension and to sculpt their bodies in today's stressful society. Howbeit pilates can be done with only a mat and the proper exercise forms, some people prefer to vary their exercise routine a bit with a Pilates exercise ball (or stability ball or balance ball Read More »

The Pilates Method - History, Origins and Principles

Joseph Pilates

  Joseph Pilates is considered the founder and creator of a physical fitness system he developed in the early twentieth century. It has become very popular today. He wrote at least two books on his Pilates Methods. They are "Return to Life all through Contrology" and "Your Health a Corrective System of Exercising that Revolutionizes Read More »

Pilates Resistance Ring or Magic Circle: How It Benefits The Body

Pilates ring or magic circle

Like any good exercise workout program, there is a resistance component built into the Pilates exercise regimen. There are two methods of providing this resistance needed that are associated with the Pilates. The first format of resistance is gained by using the body's weight. The second type of resistance is all through exercise equipment. One Read More »