Stop Overeating: A Key to Good Health And Longevity

The challenges of eating are not simply a phenomenon of modern times. As there is historical evidence of this challenge, there is also historical and scientific evidence that learning our real food needs and bringing the tendency to overeat under control has great health benefits. There are many historical personalities whose longevity was attributed to Read More »

How Often Can You Do Pilates? How Much Is Enough?

How Often Can You Do Pilates? How Much Is Enough?

Pilates is well known all over the world for being a moderate strength training program that will help you improve fitness and boost muscle strength without performing mindless routine exercises. Strength training is rarely done on a daily basis. At least, the traditional mode involving weight lifting is carried out with frequent breaks in between. Read More »

Bullet Proof Your Immune System To Live A Long And Healthy Life

immune system health

The immune system is nothing if not complex. Anyone who claims to understand it entirely should be shown the door. Still, there is a lot we do know, and we are learning more all the time. Immune System: The Basics Broadly defined, the immune system's chief function is to protect the body from infection and Read More »

How To Cleanse and Naturally Detox Your Body Through Fasting

Detox Your Body Through Fasting

The over-consumption of antibiotics, the use of hormones, obesity factors, excess of carbohydrates and increased fat intake, refined foods, hydrogenated oils, sugars, with the stressors of a polluted terroristic society have wrecked havoc on our immune systems. When you read food labels and note the high fructose corn syrups and sugars added to entice appetites, Read More »

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