How Improving Your Ability to Sleep Helps Your Overall Health

Sleep Helps Your Overall Health

We regard the pillars of excellent overall health being the right diet and both strength and aerobic exercise.  But perhaps we should add one more pillar, since without it you can consume a perfectly healthy diet and be as vigorous as a world-class athlete but yet encounter many medical issues. Needless to say we’re referring Read More »

Benefits Of Fat Burning Cardio Workouts And Aerobic Training

cardio workouts and aerobic training

There is absolutely no question that fat burning cardio workouts are helpful, and a great aerobic training program coupled with good diet will reduce weight.  Where factors become confusing is when those people sold on cardio workouts talk as though it’s the cure-all for fat loss, and others answer that cardio exercise has its shortcomings, Read More »

Health And Fitness Benefits Of Exercising On A Treadmill

treadmill exercising

We run, we jog, we join gyms, and we exercise just so that we can stay fit and healthy. When it rains or snows we feel at a loss when we miss our daily exercise. Yes, without a doubt there is a lot of fun in exercising outdoors and in the company of others. But Read More »

4 Powerful Qigong Techniques For Proper Body And Mind Healing

Qigong Techniques

The ancient Chinese practice of Qigong believes that there is a living force in all living beings. This life force can be controlled through an ancient practice. Qigong ensures the wellbeing of your mind, body, and soul. It involves gentle exercises, meditation, and breathing that helps to reduce stress, improves metabolism and strength. It is Read More »