Interview With Figure Competitor & Biochemist Lauren Jacobsen

Lauren Jacobsen

Interview with top figure competitor (and biochemist!) Lauren Jacobsen: 1. What is your background? How did you become interested in fitness? I started weight training to gain weight for athletic reasons. In high school, I was involved in track & field, swim team and was the defensive captain for the flag football team. A good Read More »

Is Your Body Too Acidic? How to Restore Your pH Balance

How to Restore Your pH Balance

Did you know that everything you eat, drink, breathe and think puts out an acid or an alkaline residue that can affect your health? All processed foods, sugars, soft drinks with phosphoric acid, alcoholic beverages with yeast and sugar are all acid producing, as with animal proteins, starches and dairy foods! Do you suffer from any Read More »

Understanding What Happens When We Stretch From A Yogic Perspective

streching muscles

From a reader in Beijing: “I wondered if you might know the difference between stretching muscle and stretching fascia. This is a concept promoted by Paul Grilley’s Yin Yoga series. I wondered if there’s any medical explanation for why stretching fascia is beneficial. I couldn’t really find anything on the net – it just seems Read More »

Cardio Training - Avert Illness, Get Weight Control and More

cardio training benefits

Cardio training refers to exercise routines working the big muscle groups of your body in a continuous approach to elevate heart rate. Of the many differing types of workout routines and physical exercise we could perform, which all have their advantages, perhaps the healthiest for most people will be cardiovascular exercise. The point should be Read More »