In Search Of A Guru

Guru meditating

Somewhere in the middle of sizzling India is a guru.  He lives in a humble house with his family. Seekers are welcome there. I don’t know what he looks like. I’ve never seen a photo. I don’t even know his name. He speaks little English. I’m told his few words are translated by a young girl. Others who Read More »

What Sort Of Yoga Should One Practice For Graves Disease?

yogi poses - surya namaskar

A question from a reader: “What sort of yoga should one practice for Graves disease? (a friend wants to know and I have zero idea).” Graves is a disease of the immune system. The body begins to make an antibody to itself. The formed antibody circulates in blood and seeks out and finds the thyroid Read More »

Pilates Resistance Ring or Magic Circle: How It Benefits The Body

Pilates ring or magic circle

Like any good exercise workout program, there is a resistance component built into the Pilates exercise regimen. There are two methods of providing this resistance needed that are associated with the Pilates. The first format of resistance is gained by using the body's weight. The second type of resistance is all through exercise equipment. One Read More »

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