Taking Care of Your Emotional Health

emotional health tips

I’ve devoted a lot of time to talking about physical health in terms of diet, nutrition, and exercise but it is just as important to acknowledge the importance of emotional health. Our emotional health can be affected by many different situations: Stresses in our lives (family, work, financial, etc.) Relationships Physical health Disorders (depression, bi-polar, Read More »

Be a Good Role Model For Your Child

good role model

When my son was young, I had a bad habit of yelling at other drivers who did stupid things.  My common rant went something like, “You stupid idiot, why don’t you use your turn signal,” or “You stupid idiot, move over to the slow lane.”  No matter the issue, I always started with “You stupid Read More »

How I Overcame My Fear of Being Alone

Fear of Being Alone

For so many people, days are filled with co-workers, children, friends, family members, those we serve, those we work for, or a myriad of others. They wake up and immediately surround themselves with other people, whether they add value to their life or not. Then, if they do find time where they are suddenly alone, Read More »

Expectations And Purpose Of Simple Living And Minimalism

Simple Living And Minimalism

Many people start out their journey into living more simply or perhaps minimalism de-cluttering their home; it then overflows to their car, their schedule, and many times their emotions. The freedoms offered by simple living are numerous - less debt, less keeping up with the Jones’, less work, and more time just to name a Read More »