Got the Facts on Milk for Yogis?

milk yogis facts

Although the classic texts of Yoga discourage consumption of meat, they’ve long promoted milk as as a proper source of nutrition for practicing aspirants. “The most conducive foods for the yogi are good grains, wheat, rice, barley, milk, ghee (clarified butter), brown sugar, crystallized sugar, honey, dry ginger, patola (a species of cucumber), five vegetables Read More »

Is Salmon Healthy? Health Benefits of Wild Versus Farm Raised Salmon

Wild Versus Farm Raised Salmon

The health benefits of salmon have been assumed for so long that we hardly ever ask is salmon healthy. But we would like to bring the debate a little further, and question the relative health benefits between farm raised salmon and wild salmon. There is little doubt that wild salmon, usually caught in the northwestern Read More »

Stop Overeating: A Key to Good Health And Longevity

The challenges of eating are not simply a phenomenon of modern times. As there is historical evidence of this challenge, there is also historical and scientific evidence that learning our real food needs and bringing the tendency to overeat under control has great health benefits. There are many historical personalities whose longevity was attributed to Read More »

7 Tips for Getting Enough Calcium Without Dairy

non dairy calcium foods

Everyone thinks we have to get our calcium from milk and milk products. That’s been beat into our heads, but I’m one of a growing number of physicians who believe that we’re much better off getting our calcium from other sources. For a good, scientifically based summary of why milk and cheese aren’t such good Read More »