Taking Care of Your Emotional Health

emotional health tips

I’ve devoted a lot of time to talking about physical health in terms of diet, nutrition, and exercise but it is just as important to acknowledge the importance of emotional health. Our emotional health can be affected by many different situations: Stresses in our lives (family, work, financial, etc.) Relationships Physical health Disorders (depression, bi-polar, Read More »

Be a Good Role Model For Your Child

good role model

When my son was young, I had a bad habit of yelling at other drivers who did stupid things.  My common rant went something like, “You stupid idiot, why don’t you use your turn signal,” or “You stupid idiot, move over to the slow lane.”  No matter the issue, I always started with “You stupid Read More »

Exercising Pilates At Home: Does It Work?

pilates at home

Whether any fitness routine or regimen will work well if done at home is one question that does not apply to pilates. This is because pilates is nothing more than a set of movements designed to give a total workout to our body as well as the mind. The muscles, tendons, bones and ligaments get Read More »

7 Easy Feng Shui Tips For Office

feng shui for office

Feng shui for office is an important aspect. It is aimed at ensuring that your office provides the necessary support needed from it. Your office should be capable of relaxing you and attracting positive energy to ensure you beat your deadlines. Furthermore, it should be capable of relieving you from any negativity that is likely Read More »

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