What You Should Know About Pilates Clothing

pilates clothing

There was a time when people wore normal clothing and performed various fitness exercises. However, people soon realized that most clothes that we wore on a daily basis was not suitable for exercising. The stretches and lunges that are usually performed in any and every fitness routine led to injuries to the body or damage to the clothes.

This led to the development of an entire range of apparel solely dedicated to fitness activities. Loose shirts, baggy pants that allowed the individual to stretch without difficulty, elastic bands for the wrist and the head to absorb sweat, shoes and socks - the list slowly grew.

Today, any fitness enthusiast can spend a thousand dollars purchasing clothes and accessories and yet have many more purchases to make.

So what should one wear when performing any pilates routine?

Pilates is considered as an odd man in the world of exercising because it does not involve any strenuous exercises that must be mindlessly performed for long durations. It does not involve repeated movement of a particular muscle again and again to make it strong either.

Pilates help the individual improve balance, precision, control and concentration along fitness. You cannot concentrate on control when the collar of your pilates clothing is biting into your neck or the seat of your pant is pinching your rear, can you?

Herein lies the answer to the question - what to wear to pilates? Just make sure the points given below are fulfilled when you choose pilates clothing:

  • Comfort
  • Avoid extremes
  • Easy maintenance
  • Fashion

How to pick pilates workout clothes

What to wear for pilates?

If you are not comfortable in it, chuck it out of your pilates session. The clothes you wear should facilitate easy movement of all the parts of your body.  This is because pilates adopts an integrated approach. Hence, you should be prepared to move your hands, feet, calves, ankles, joints, neck and even your rib cage in a single session.

Wearing comfortable shirt but very tight pants will make it difficult to exercise. It is impossible to be comfortable if you do not avoid extremes. Wearing a bikini or being covered from head to feet are options best avoided. Wear normal clothes because you will be performing normal movements.

Pilates involves lots of hands and feet movement.  Hence, you should avoid wearing accessories, jewelry and other ornaments on your body or on your clothes.

Fashion, as far as pilates accessories and clothing is concerned, should be restricted to colors, designs and fabrics. Objects worn on the body or pinned to the clothes may fly off and injure others. Further, it would unnecessarily add to your weight and make it difficult for you to make precise movements.

Maintenance is important because you can easily work up a good sweat when doing pilates. Opting for branded products helps. Just as winsor pilates videos or winsor pilates DVD's will help you perform the exercise without worrying about injuries and side effects, branded clothing will help you exercise without fear of rips and tears.

As far as footwear is concerned, pilates is often performed barefoot.  Hence, shoes are normally not included in the list of accessories used during pilates. However, if you feel that the mat is too hard or if the floor is too cold, then you can opt for socks. These accessories are available in the market and will help you grip the floor better and perform your exercises with minimum discomfort.

The web offers numerous clothing products that can be used by men, women and children when performing pilates. You can check out various apparels online, choose the one that the fits you best and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

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