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Diet Tip #7 – Add a Rainbow of Fruits and Vegetables to Your Daily Menu

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Do you get enough vegetables in your diet? Vegetables are low in calories, full of health benefits, and you can often pile your plate high with them at minimal caloric impact. They help fill you up without weighing you down (literally).

How do you do with fruits? Do you eat enough of them and more importantly, do you sample some fruits from each color of the rainbow to get the maximum health benefits available to you? Many people find fruit easier to add into their diet because it’s sweet, compared to vegetables.

Unfortunately, the better way to do it is to flip that equation and eat more vegetables and fewer fruits. Just make sure you get the proper amount of both. The great thing about fruits and vegetables is that you can pick and choose which form you prefer.

Frozen, canned and fresh fruits and vegetables all have a positive impact on your diet efforts. But of course you have to use common sense, like avoiding fruit pieces that are drowning in heavy (sugary) syrup.

You need to make a list of the rainbow fruits and vegetables and make it a point to try at least one new item per week. Take the color red, for example. You might list the following and then make it a point to incorporate them each week:

Red Potatoes

Do the same for each color of the rainbow.  Look up recipes for it online and then see how creative you can get. Take turnips for instance some people eat them raw, others boil them, and some mash them up.

Another common sense rule is to try to avoid frying your vegetables because when you’re trying to shed pounds, the added oil makes it that much harder to achieve your goals.  If you really like fried vegetables, rather than raw or boiled, then try roasting them in the oven with a dash of olive oil, so it’s healthier for you.

Some people complain about the cost of fruits and vegetables and it can get pricey if you aren’t planning for it. Look for sales that are going on and check circulars in your area to see which store has the best deals.


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