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Diet Tip #6 – Don’t Let Diet Drinks Trick You Into Ignoring Water

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If you listen to the news, you may have already found out that the poor people who have made the difficult switch to diet sodas may be doing more harm than good to their body and its weight loss efforts.

Diet drinks provide no caloric intake, so your body doesn’t get the calories it initially believes it’s ingesting. This can actually cause you to crave more food especially sweets. It kind of negates the benefit you thought you were giving your body by making the swap in the first place!

Diet drinks taste decent because of the artificial ingredients they make them with. But those ingredients aren’t always beneficial to the rest of your body. You want to achieve optimal health and chemicals aren’t going to help with that.

Some of these chemicals may even contribute to the development of cancer not something you signed up for when you thought you were making an improvement to your health! Other ingredients have a bad effect on your blood sugar, even though there isn’t any actual sugar in these drinks!

If you drink the diet drinks so that you can have your daily dose of caffeine, then you might switch to coffee and tea which can both deliver some powerful health benefits that fight, not cause, cancer.


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