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Diet Tip #4 – Keep Your Diet Quest to Yourself

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With dieting and smoking and other habit reformation, you often hear the advice to make an announcement so that you’re held accountable. In some cases, this may be what you need. But it can also have a negative effect on you.

It all depends on the people you surround yourself with. The best thing about a sensible diet is that it doesn’t become “an event.” It’s simply improvements in the way you live life. So when you go and announce on your Facebook wall that you’ve started a diet, you’re inviting criticism and intrusions that aren’t so helpful.

Most people won’t understand moderation dieting. They have been raised where you give up “bad foods” and if you do indulge, then you’ve broken the diet plan. You don’t want this type of pressure.

Some well-meaning (or just nosy) friends and family will shake their heads if you order something not typical of a diet menu. They’ll tell you all about how wrong the plan is that you’re on, because their aunt Sally’s best friend’s mother’s cousin just lost 80 pounds on a different program you should go on.

It’s better to keep it to yourself and just not have to explain why you got a to go box for the second half of your restaurant portion, or why you’ve decided to carry a water bottle around with you.

If they inquire about your new habits, just answer about that particular one. Such as, water just quenches my thirst better. Don’t declare, “I’m trying to lose weight and I have to drink eight, 8-ounce glasses a day,” because then they’ll push you from that point on, and the last thing you want when dieting is more pressure.


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