Diet Tip #3 – Leave Less Space for Junk Food Using Water as Your Weapon

Dieting is easy when your stomach has no more room to add junk food. Water is the weapon you need to fight mindless eating habits. Instead of sugary sodas, which increase your sweet tooth cravings, opt for water, which will simply create a full feeling and help you avoid snacking or overeating.

Traditionally, experts have advised that adults drink approximately 8 ounces of water, eight times a day. But in this busy and rushed world, it’s often hard to find time to think about getting your daily water intake needs met.

And if you’re not thirsty, it’s even harder to swallow. You have to train your body to crave water and make it a habit that helps you prevent weight gain. You may need tips that will help you achieve your water goals for the day.

  • Become a connoisseur of water. Not everyone knows how they like their water because they rarely drink water by itself. They have sodas or flavored waters or even milk instead. Do a taste test. Find out if you like your water at room temperature or ice cold. Do you have a preference for tap water or spring water or something filtered to the extreme?
  • Find a water container that meets your needs, not what everyone else advises. Some people wouldn’t mind drinking water continually if they could down a small glass at a time, more frequently throughout the day. Others need the reminder to drink water by carrying around a large water jug with them everywhere they go. You might drink more if you have an aesthetically pleasing water bottle rather than the store-brand plastic model. They have everything you can imagine ñ even personalized ones!
  • Make sure water follows you everywhere. You want to constantly be sipping on it during the day. Whether you have a water bottle in each room or you carry one with you, it helps to have it staring you down at every turn.
  • Always have a water appetizer before each meal. Water can be dolled up any way you want it, with a few mint leaves, or a splash of lemon. Make sure you sip a glass of water before breakfast, lunch or dinner to help your stomach understand that it’s already partially full and won’t have room to gorge.
  • Enjoy the additional perks you’ll get when you drink plenty of water. It’s not just meant to help you lose weight. Water hydrates your skin and helps stave off the aging process. It wards off headaches, which are usually the result of dehydration. It also helps with the digestion process. If you suffer from constipation, then your water intake will alleviate that issue. And if you’re implementing a fitness routine, then water will protect your joints and muscles to some degree.

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