weight loss

Diet Tip #2 – Listen to What Your Body Says It Wants When It Wants It

weight loss

Part of what results in diet failure is our inability to be flexible with ourselves. We’re so strict, adhering to a cemented guideline that tells us what we can eat, when we have to eat it, and how much we ought to eat if we want to lose weight.

Our bodies originally developed with fine tuned systems that weren’t so stupid. We cried when we were hungry, acted content when we’d had enough. As babies, your system knows what it likes, knows when it feels like eating more, and knows exactly ho much to consume.

You need to go back to that early development mindset and really listen to your body. If you wake up one morning craving something sweet, then you’re going to feel like you’ve been denied unless you indulge a bit in it.

If you follow the rule of moderation, then it won’t be the end of the world if you have a cookie in the morning or if it’s right after dinner. The caloric intake will be the same at the end of the day, won’t it?

Denying yourself only makes you think about it all day long, often causing you to binge and feel like a failure. If you enjoyed the treat without guilt, then you’ll be much more inclined to eat properly the rest of the day because the urge has passed ñ you satisfied it.


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