Diet Tip #1 – Start Right This Second, Don’t Make a Start Date!

diet photo

Photo by Ruth.A

In reality, dieting shouldn’t be an event that takes places in your life temporarily. It should be a change of habits that naturally allows your body to shed pounds and keep them off long-term. Most dieters go on a yo-yo routine where they set up a start date and a goal to reach (usually one that’s completely unrealistic, too).

Instead of intimidating yourself with a dreaded start date, how about you just make a firm decision right now to change your bad habits in for some better ones? If it’s not as daunting, you’ll have a better chance for success.

Giving yourself a start date can often mean you gain a lot shortly before you begin your diet journey. Why? You start stocking up on calories. You indulge and sometimes even gorge on foods you know will soon be forbidden to you.

You may become depressed about your diet and instead of it becoming a normal part of your life (to prevent weight gain in the future after you reach your goals, it sets you up for failure.

The start date is the same problem dieters have when they fall “off the wagon.” If they mess up one day, they set a new start date instead of just going forward from that moment on. What this does is add more time to your life where you’re not eating healthy. It’s like a hall pass to practice poor habits.


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